life skills haiti foundation branding

Life Skills Haiti Foundation is a non-profit start up. Scrivo Communications helped them develop their brand with a logo, icons, identity material, and more.

Life Skills Haiti Foundation started with a question: what if, rather than donate money to Haiti, money was provided to schools to educate children and young adults in a trade? A trade that could empower them and sustain them for their future and that could help sustain their families?

The path to a brand started with a discussion and a series of questions to learn more about the program's mission, objectives, and goals. They required a logo that represented the concept of teaching life skills to students that would empower and sustain them in the future. With feedback from Life Skills Haiti, a couple of ideas for the logo were fleshed out, and colors and type were selected. The concept of pavers was developed to represent a path to sustainability and a foundation for the future. It also resembles a "hive" of activity. The primary colors selected are a vibrant red and neon blue. Secondary colors are green, orange, purple, and a gray. Colors were selected to provide a feeling of energy, excitement, hope, and joy.

First, icons were developed for the logo – several other icons were created during the process before settling on these five. Icons were created in color, as knockouts, and in grayscale. White knockouts of the icons were then placed in the color pavers.


The pavers became the building blocks of the logo. The pavers, and the icons can also be used separately for any content in print or on the web that focuses on a specific skill.
During the design process, we worked to develop a tagline that summed up the mission of Life Skills Haiti.
We focused on the outcomes that Life Skills Haiti wanted to achieve: to empower children, educate them, and educate them in life skills that could help them sustain themselves and their families.

The mission and tagline appear below or beside the logo on the identity material (business card, letterhead, envelope) developed for Life Skills Haiti. A simple four page Brand Guideline was also created to assist with design of the future Life Skills Haiti website and to assist the organization to portray the brand as consistently as possible.


Life Skills Haiti can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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