creative juice trip

This past year has been a year of renewal and exploration. Part of that exploration was a new personal website where I could showcase creativity in a different way. And so, Creative Juice Trip was born

Creative Juice Trip was the culmination of an idea I had years ago. Initially, the idea was to focus on literary destinations. But there were so many interests to explore, the horizons broadened over time. So it is a bit of an end to a dream, and yet, a beginning as well. It's still a work in progress, and I've decided to let it go where it will for now. Initial work has included a logo, which I consider to be temporary, as of now about 9 posts to stretch my writing, and photography that often accompanies each adventure. I've also tried to be more in tune with shooting short videos, often through the Cinematic app, sometimes just a short phone video, sometimes experimenting with my camera video. When I design for clients, the process is about helping them to meet their objectives and goals. This blog allows me to explore more outside of those constraints.

One of the books I read, that inspired me to return to this initial idea was The Creative Fight by Chris Orwig. It's a fantastic book. I found it very inspirational and a great source of creative juice.

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