"Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

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IE 6: Ever get a notice that your browser is not up-to-date? You may be seeing more of those soon as many website developers begin to drop support. To see websites as they are designed, make sure you update to IE7 or IE8.

Website Development

• Clean design, user-friendly, professional
• Innovative websites for small businesses
• Developed with design templates customized to complete your brand design and for your business needs
• Content edited to increase relevance to Search Engines organically
• Google Analytics
• Social Networking and other web services available

Web Packages Beginning at $750

• meeting/speaking with client to understand requirements
• customization of template based on goals/concepts discussed
• following design approval, design of remaning pages
• four to six pages including Site Map to assist with SEO
• content edited for organic SEO

bringing it all together

The end goal? To bring your story and images together in a creative design that showcases your strengths, enhances your marketing message, and generates customer response.

clean design

Design should not detract from your words or images. My clean, functional design will enhance your message. Scrivo! can handle all your print design needs: brochures, newsletters, annual reports, identity and marketing materials. Almost every project starts with "the white page"—and ends with a design custom created for you. Scrivo! will create a look that is uniquely yours and will instill trust in your business. Check out Scrivo's design porfolio.

need a website?

Scrivo! now offers web design. Your business could benefit from website updates or a new site design. Scrivo! uses RapidWeaver and Dreamweaver to produce professional websites that enhance your image. Contact Scrivo! today.

Scrivo! website redesign

It pays to freshen your look from time to time, and the time was right to refresh the Scrivo! website and begin to roll out new marketing materials. The new website was designed late winter and launched early April. Look for more improvements to come during 2010. Visit musings to read more about the new Scrivo! website. Thanks for visiting!

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