skipping out

A friend of mine skipped down to the beach this morning. “I feel so guilty,” she said when she returned my call. “I should have called you.” She was already on her way back when she phoned at 11:30 am.

By that time I was through with my morning writing and trying to talk myself into sorting through files and paperwork and doing some accounting and all that other not-so-fun but necessary stuff. I promised myself this would be a day of reorganizing and cleaning, but I find myself thinking of the ocean as the long weekend closes in.

It was August of last year when I took this picture of “Miss Abby.” It was a miserably hot and humid day, one of the worst days of the summer, as I recall. A childhood friend who was visiting from Oregon was reeling from the humidity and we went down to the dock in search of some relief. Even by the water there was little relief, but it felt just a bit better to look out at the blue water, the pale blue sky. It was a gorgeous day.

I’m still at it at 4:00 pm. I have to admit that I “skipped out” myself from shuffling papers to fiddle around with some photos, my website, and some design work. Back to the grind for at least a while longer today. But I keep wishing I was at the beach.