casamar villa brochure

I have recently finished an 8.5 x 11 brochure for Casamar Villa in Mexico. Casamar is a small villa located near Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca. The proprietors of the villa added suites to their property and are making many changes to their business. They wanted to expand their clientele beyond the surfing community (Puerto is a surfer’s paradise) and are now marketing to clientele of all ages who are in search of a peaceful place to vacation while enjoying the cultural, environmental, and athletic adventures available.
brochure outside
brochure inside

In addition to creating the brochure, the client was also creating a new website. The website has undergone several transformations, but the colors of the inside panels, and to some extent the outside panels, of the brochure were originally selected with the website in mind.

Most of the photographs were taken by a local photographer in Mexico. I used those initial photos to get a feel of the villa and the surrounding area. A few photos were supplied later by the clients and through iStock photo.
surf panel

The initial design featured one entire panel given over to kneeboard photos, and then surf photos (with the exception of the wildlife photo that is in place in this version at bottom right). I really liked putting that panel together and I loved the energy of the panel.

But because the target market was evolving, that focus on surfing was scaled back and more photos of boating, wildlife, horseback riding, etc. were introduced throughout the entire brochure. As more changes are made to the villa, Casamar’s marketing pieces and website will continue to evolve as well.

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creating a series of flyers

I recently completed a set of three brochures for Notification Delivery Network (NDN). The service allows emergency teams, schools, and businesses to communicate quickly with many people via voice, e-mail, text, and SMS.

Initially, each flyer was to share the same layout but utilize different color combinations to differentiate them from each other. For example, school bus yellow and red for schools, red and blue for crisis management, and a medium shade of green and red for businesses.

Since the flyers are targeted to different audiences and are unlikely to be presented to the same group, the color scheme was changed in keeping with NDN’s company colors.

The text on the left hand side of each flyer gives some information on the scenarios associated with each target audience and the advantages of having NDN in place, and the sidebars highlight the important features most relative to that target audience. Photos were purchased from

school flyer crisis flyer business flyer