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Scrivo! Communications provides businesses with a full range of graphic design, photography, and writing services. Scrivo! will pull together the copy, photographs, and design you need for your business to succeed, creating a brand, identity materials, marketing materials, or a website uniquely for you. Writing, photography, design: Scrivo! can do it all for you. Learn more about Scrivo! Communications. Contact Scrivo! today.

featured projects

  • CMC Landscaping Website

    CMC Landscaping website

    cmc home page
    This summer we launched the new CMC Landscaping website and have recently made some changes for the fall and winter seasons.

    To highlight the types of services CMC offers, we created a series of banners to rotate in the header. We'll be rounding it out with photos of the great work they do.

    If you live in the Walpole/Norfolk area, look for their specials and give them a call. They also offer winter snow plowing and snow removal.
  • Al and Cal Realty Group

    Al and Cal Realty Group

    Al and Cal now have their first logo and new identity materials to build their brand image. The goal is to bring a consistent look to all of their marketing materials, and the logo and identity materials are the beginning. For more information on the branding, visit musings: al and cal realty group.
    al and cal logo

    Al and Cal Realty Group is a dynamic real estate sales team that goes above and beyond. Visit their site – or for a word or two about real estate, visit Carol-Ann (Cal) Palmieri's Facebook page.
  • Rally for Ally Bike Run

    Rally for Ally Bike Run

    rally for ally bike logoOn June 26th, we held our second fundraiser for Ally Smith, who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a car accident on December 28th. The committee wanted a new logo for the event, a motorcycle ride. Scrivo! created this bike logo as well as signage, flyers, and other materia; updated the website; and created an easy registration through PayPal. The ride was great fun and raised money to help pay for extra care services for Ally. Read more about the Bike Run.

    Read more about designing the original communication material for the foundation and the first "Rally for Ally" fundraiser in musings: The Alexandra Smith Foundation. The Alexandra Smith Foundation was established to help provide financial support for health and care services for Ally Smith. Please visit the foundation website. Donations are welcome and can be made with a credit card through PayPal or by mail.

what's in a symbol?

Past conversations with clients about the process of logo creation led me to write a bit about identity creation and logos. Maybe you have begun a business and need an identity. Or, you feel the identity of your business does not correctly define your business or is not creating the impact you had hoped for. The first step in creating a business identity is the logo - the symbol that will bring associations of your business to the thoughts of clients and prospects. Often, small businesses cannot afford to pay much, or do not see the value in paying much, for a logo.

If your thought process leads you to cheaper is better, it is not impossible to procure a logo. However, take a step back and consider this: if you are providing a quality service or product, do your quality thresholds require a certain amount of time to achieve? Do you want material that speaks to the quality you produce? If the answers are, "yes", you can better understand the time and processes a designer takes to deliver this small, but important and effective symbol of your business to you. Read on for more information on logos and logo creation.
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